aiming for improved human rights  and


Enabling people to help themselves 

Response Network believes that all people possess qualities that can enable them to mobilize and improve their living conditions. Thanks to our partners and volunteers, we are able to offer self-help programs to rural villages  and scholarships to young people.  

We are a Norwegian registrated organization approved by This guarantees that our fundraising activities are conducted properly and that the money goes to the purpose stated.

Vipps: 507545

Account Number: 7186.66.37037

African women carrying baby in her back

Help us in the field – become a volunteer 

To reach out to the villages in Zambia we always need human resources to do the actual work. We welcome competent trainees and volunteers to help us with this important field work. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us 

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Group of african children

Support our work – become a partner 

We rely heavily on monetary donations from our partners. The funding helps us to develop good self-help programs and to offer scholarships to young African children/youngsters.  Our goal is to reach out to many more villages and families who need our help. In order to do this, we depend on your support. All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. 

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