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    Every child has the right to access education

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    Visiting students hand over teachers house

    Response Network was visited by students and teachers from Slemmestad, Nesbru and Stabekk high schools, ....read more

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    Chisiwe Primary School recieves One classroom block

    The 2024 AKIND travellers visited chisiwe Primary School in Kazungula District..............read more

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    684 house holds recieve emergency drought relief packages.

    Out of the exchange gains on the project .Response Network and the partner organization NCA/DCA Joint
    Country ..read more

  • Our Philosophy 


    At Response Network, we firmly uphold the conviction that every individual intrinsically holds the capacity to mobilize their resources, and thereby enhance their standard of living. Through the unwavering support from our esteemed partners and dedicated volunteers, we proactively provide self-sufficiency programs targeting rural communities and extend scholarships for promising youths.

    We are a Norwegian registered organization accredited by Innsamlingskontrollen.no. This affirmation validates not only our operation's legitimacy but also ensures transparent money handling practices -- reassuring donors that all funds raised serve their intended purposes conscientiously.

  • Our Projects

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    Maintaining optimal physical health through consistent exercise is pivotal for longevity and wellbeing. In the context of our sports program, our primary objective revolves around enhancing the health and welfare of individuals, residing in rural areas. We utilize the inherent power of sports to establish robust, enduring, and sustainable sporting infrastructures as well as networks that facilitate safe, equitable, and inclusive athletic activities.
    Our associated partner for this initiative is the esteemed Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF). The overarching goal driving this program remains firmly rooted in promoting universal inclusion within sports.

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    Kubala girls

    Response Network operates an educational sponsorship initiative specifically designed for orphans and girls who are most vulnerable. This program acknowledges its participants as 'Kubala Girls', a term that translates to 'girls who read'.
    There is generous support offered from benefactors in both Norway and Sweden, which presently assists 600 orphaned girls with their education. The ultimate goal of this guidance is not only to augment their knowledge but also to foster better integration within the community as they are able to contribute to the development of thier community.

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    Community School's Construction

    Community schools

    Education is a universal right afforded to every child. The creation of community schools
    serves as an integral part of reinforcing the self-help initiative fostered within these communities.

    When the community shows commitment by bringing up front materials derived from available natural resources such as building sand and bricks, Response Network partners with communities by connecting them with our esteemed partner, Akind . Recognizing the value in their initiatives, Akind contributes by providing essential building materials including mortar, additional bricks and window glass to aid in constructing suitable school buildings.


    Subsequently,members of each village shoulder the responsibility for continuation and completion of each project. This level of involvement invariably invites increased knowledge acquisition and offers villagers a profound sense of pride in contributing to furthering educational resources for their community.Since its inception in 2004, sponsorship from Akind has facilitated the construction of 83 new community schools which have welcomed over 6,700 learners -a testament that on average every school caters for approximately 150 children- thus expanding opportunities for education within these societies significantly.



    We deeply value the financial contributions received from our esteemed partners. This crucial funding is instrumental in facilitating the advancement of robust self-help programs and extending scholarships to promising young individuals in Zambia.

    Our aspiration is to expand our outreach, touching many more communities and households that require our assistance. To realize this vision, we are reliant on your continued support. We whole heartedly welcome each contribution and deeply appreciate your generosity.

    The girls

    We support


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    The communities take sustainable steps from poverty towards improved human rights and development by doing the work themselves. As a donor to Response Network’s village self-help programs you are contributing to strengthen the local people’s own capacity.   


    The money we receive from our generous partners goes to:

    • Conducting meetings and workshops
    • Facilitating self-help activities
    • Building community schools
    • Supporting girls rights and paying for their school fees
    • Helping disabled to be included in education and self-help activities
    • Follow ups and monitoring

    If you are a large donor, we can also discuss specific themes for your help

    as long as it is in line with Response Network’s overall vision and mission.

    The village self-help programs have improved the life situation for thousands

    of people in 1000 villages in the southern part of Zambia. 


    Read more about results here

    Each contribution counts. We welcome small funding from individuals as well as large funding from governments, companies and NGO’s. As our work is conducted on a continuous basis over two years, we prefer donors with a longer perspective.


    If you are interested in supporting our village self-help programs, please contact:

    Håkon Spigseth at the Norway office:  
    Phone: 980 58 333
    E-mail: haakon@responsenetwork.org

    Or directly to Zambia: Mutukwa Matengenya
    Country Director
    Phone: +260 213 320491 or +260 977 786211
    E-mail: mutukwa.matengenya@responsenetwork.org 

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