What we do 

We believe in development that mobilizes people’s own human and LOCALLY AVAILABLE environmental resources 

Our experience is that self-esteem, knowledge and creativity grow with responsibility.

We support people by taking the initiative to start self-help groups, sports activities or any topic out of the 12 we can offer to facilitate. We start with organizing a village meeting, introducing what we can offer (no hand-outs). A huge number of people, includinc the Head of the village, always take part in this meeting. After discussions, and a range of different opinions popping up, the people ultimately identify areas they want to improve and what kind og actvities they want to start.    

We then help them start and organize these activities. In order to do so, we have a facilitator in the village. A trustful person, whom we pay a small fee, to support and follow up the acitivites chosen.

Ikon - støtt oss

Development through self-help activities 

We are facilitating village self-help programs. Through a knowledge-based methodology of encouragement and information delivered by skilled facilitators, we motivate villages to start and run self-help activities to improve the residents’ life situation. As a base for village programs, we use self-help manuals providing detailed information on how to start and run self-help clubs within the following thematic areas.: 


  • Community schools/Inclusive education

  • Adult literacy

  • Skills training

  • Know your rights

  • Women’s/girls rights/sexual abuse

  • Health and nutrition


  • Children with special needs

  • Sports for development

  • Women’s save and borrow clubs

  • Organic vegetable growing

  • Disabled children


Over time, astonishing results have been achieved. Communities truly appreciate the approach and have proved to have a huge underlying source of initiative. From 2005 to 2019 Response Network has facilitated village programs in more than 1000 villages. These villages have started appximately 6000 self-help clubs with around 80.000 members, building confidence, knowledge and skills and improving their life situation. 

By  August 2020 we have ongoing 64 sports-clubs, 10 primary scools (covering  54 villages) and 14 community self-help groups  

Are you eager to help us achieve even more remarkable results? 

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