• Community School's Construction

    Education is a universal right to every child. supporting Communitiess to construct community schools is an extension of the Community school self-help program.




    • Enrolments has incresed in all the community school we support.
    • Children no longer walk long distances to school.
    • Each community school has a strong room to allow hosting of exams.

    Communities that show commitment by initiating the development of a community school and manufacturing the necessary bricks are given assistance by Response Network, linking them to our partner - Akind. Through thier cooperation with Response Network Akind generously provides supplementary building materials for construction projects, such as mortar, extra bricks, and window glass.


    The local residents then manage these endeavors through to fruition, enhancing the educational facilities within their own communities. By actively participating
    in these initiatives, they obtain augmented knowledge while cultivating immense
    pride for their contribution towards local progress.

    Since its initiation in 2004, sponsorships from Academic Work have facilitated the establishment of 83 new schools. Boasting an average attendance of approximately 150 children per institution equates to nearly 6700 youngsters
    being provided with vital access to primary education opportunities.

    Your invaluable partnership has the potential to facilitate the establishment of yet another school – significantly reducing commuting inconvenience thus
    safeguarding both time and safety concerns faced by attending pupils due to
    significant distances between home and school campuses.