• The Sports Program

    Improving your physical health by exercise is important for a longer life.


    • Started rural sports for all programs.
    • Women are taking up leadership positions which were not there but due to the capacity building conducted.
    • Women coming up with income generrating activities helping them put food on the table and buy scolastic materials for their children.
    • Women have come up with commities that look into the affairs s of women in regards to gender based violwence.





    In the sports program we work to develop the health and wellbeing for people in the villages. Our partner for this program is Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF).

    The aim for the program is to‘Create Sports for all’.

    This work in three focus areas;

    • Youth leadership,including activities for kicking Aids out.
    • Disabled in sports
    • Women in sports.
    • We motivate the communities to start structured sport clubs, train youthful people to be good coaches and overall – work for a wider integration among the villagers in sport activities. We have seen a great improvement in the integration in sport activities and an interest in sport activities among the communities.