• The Sports Program

    Enhancing your physical well-being through consistent exercise is crucial for extending one's lifespan.


    • 10 Response Network volunteers, (4F, 6M) were trained in various aspects of
      implementing a sport for Development program
    • 7 coaching trainings were conducted and reached out to 197 (80F 117M)
    • 9 Sports Administration trainings were conducted reaching out to 239 sports
      administrators (86 F 153 M)  
    • 589 youths participated (462f/127m) in the and apart from sportsand other ball games, awareness was raised on Safe Sport, Hygiene, traditional
      games and sessions on Life skills.
    • Women coming up with income generrating activities helping them put food on the table and buy scolastic materials for their children.
    • Women have come up with commities that look into the affairs s of women in regards to gender based violwence. 

    At our esteemed sports program, we are committed to enhancing the health and
    well-being of individuals residing in rural communities. We are proud to
    collaborate with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) on this impactful initiative.

    Our fundamental objective is to 'Cultivate Universal Participation in Sports'. This
    goal is carried out across three significant areas:

    • Fostering youth leadership through various activities specifically designed for eliminating aids.
    • Encouraging inclusion by actively supporting athletes with disabilities.
    • Promoting gender equality via advocacy efforts geared towards female
      involvement in sports.

    We strongly encourage community engagement by prompting them to organize
    structured local sporting clubs, training younger generations as proficient
    coaches and overall striving for a more comprehensive integration avenues
    within local villages related to athletic activities.


    Our endeavors have demonstrated considerable progress in fostering an all-inclusive participation environment, within these rural communities that reveal higher interest levels toward sporting activities than ever before.