Response Network operates an educational sponsorship initiative specifically designed to support orphans and girls in vulnerable situations. Those enrolled within the program are affectionately referred to as 'Kubala girls,' a term that translates to 'the reading girls.' At present, we have sponsors from two countries- Norway and Sweden, whose generous contributions enable 600 orphaned girls further their education. The overarching objective of this beneficial program is not only to enhance their knowledge capacity but also make them more resourceful individual in thier community.


    • 50 grade ones pupils enrolled every year
    • 23 Kubala girls graduate in fashion and Design as well as Electric engineering at Livingstone Institute of Business of Engineering studies
    • Improved acces to quality education for girls.
    • improved computer and reading skills among the Kubala girls
    • Enhance girl child education and livelihood through family interventions that translates into improved house hold economics.
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    The Kubala girls initiative

    The vitality of the Kubala Girls Initiative is anchored in benevolent contributions from individual suporters. The program prioritizes granting scholarships to orphaned girls and those deemed
    vulnerable, particularly individuals unable to afford traditional school fees.
    Tragically, a significant number of participants have found themselves un able to afford schools requirements due to high leveles of poverty and many other are orphaned
    due to the profound impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic prevalent among Zambian

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    The young beneficiaries of our sponsorship program play a significant role in elevating the quality of life within their community. They extend this responsibility by conducting hygiene and environmental sanitation services for the elderly residents at Maramba old peoples home.

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    At Response Network, we follow a precise and effective methodology to identify children in need of sponsorship.
    This is made achievable through productive relationships with schools and
    families. The adaptable nature of our sponsorship program specifically
    encompasses tuition fees for students outside the Government school system, as
    well as furnishing crucial educational resources like uniforms.


    The span of each child's sponsorship can vary from 1 to 7 years, depending on their individual needs, Our operation administration is expertly managed by a skilled team marked by high competency and extensive expertise in their profession.

    Moreover, Response Network fosters continual communication with pertinent stakeholders such as teachers and families to ensure that voices are heard. In accordance with our dedication towards openness and interconnectedness, we include governmental agencies (the Social Welfare Department) in our selection procedures alongside other parties.



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    Resource Centre over view

    Our humble beginnings in a tent graciously provided by Akind have evolved into what we are proud to now call the Resource Center. This robust and permanently established structure is dedicated to education, offering children the capacity for focused study sessions, individual homework endeavors, as well as providing access to an array of reference textbooks. Moreover, it facilitates supplemental Information Technology instruction under the professional guidance of our qualified teaching staff.

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    How to apply for Scholarship

    Scholarship opportunities are available to all orphaned children, regardless of gender or vulnerability status. If you are in need of sponsorship, we invite you to apply through one of two methods.


    Firstly, liaise with the career guidance counselor at your educational institution and present solid evidence substantiating your need for the scholarship. Following this step, our staff will collaborate with school authorities who will provide us with necessary information related to your case. Further validation processes including direct interviews or checks-in at home premises may be conducted as part of the review process.


    Alternatively, if you prefer a more personal approach, visit us directly at Response Network offices and share your story firsthand. Based on a comprehensive evaluation of your circumstances presented during this meeting, consideration will be given to whether you meet qualifying criteria for available sponsorships.


    It is important to note that eachindividual’s case is evaluated thoroughly and with utmost discretion before making any determination about scholarship eligibility.


    Your donation can help get one more vulnerable child into school.