School requirements distribution to vulnerable girls

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In a commendable effort to enhance the government's initiative of providing free access to education, Response Network has partnered with AKIND. At the start of 2024, they supplied necessary school materials for 19 students currently in grades 8 and 10. This ongoing exercise is focused on extending support through sponsorships to all pupils from grades 1-12 and ensuring that each student receives required educational materials before the beginning of the first term in 2024.

Amongst the distributed items were school uniforms, educational literature, backpacks as well as mathematical sets, Bibles and Stocken’s.

Despite Zambia operating under a free education policy which exempts students from paying tuition fees - thereby expanding opportunities for academic advancement - parents often find themselves struggling with procuring essential school supplies for their children. This burden poses an enormous challenge particularly for less privileged families who are incapable of affording these necessities.

The sponsorship programme aims at alleviating this issue by supplying much-needed assistance to families facing hardships when meeting their children's scholastic demands. Through this initiative, we extend our aid towards furnishing disadvantaged youngsters with pertinent classroom resources allowing them full participation in learning activities akin to their peers while fostering confidence and boosting self-esteem among them.