INTERNATIONAL Students and Volunteers

do you wish to do humanitarian work out in the field? 

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Contact our  Chair person  Håkon Spigseth -

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also refer to our Visitors Handbook here


Who can volunteer? 

Response Network cooperates with Universities in Europe, i.e. Norway and Denmark and encourages competent and motivated students and degree holders of development studies and other relevant social sciences to work with our organization as trainees. We offer this opportunity to participate in practical development field work to trainees that are qualified, motivated and socially fit for the hardship in the villages, as well as the challenges encountered in a new and unknown environment. 

Costs and expenses 

Applicants must be prepared to pay their own expenses such as transport, upkeep, food, accommodation, insurance etc. However, living costs in the field are very low and Response Network will provide items such as tents and camping equipment. The university or college where you are studying may cover some of the costs related to guidance and accommodation while on practice with Response Network. 

Paid and unpaid work 

The trainees will work on a contract for a period agreed by both parties and will not be paid. If the trainee takes part in tasks that are planned and funded in our budget, such as funds to hire professional assistance, the trainee will receive payment for their work. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers funds to assist unpaid trainees to get job experience. 

How to apply 

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Please fill out the form.