Sponsorship program

The reading girls 

Response Network runs an education sponsorship program for orphans and vulnerable girls. The girls in the program are called Kubala girls – meaning «the reading girls». Sponsors from two countries, Norway and Sweden, currently help 600 orphaned girls to take part in education in order to improve their knowledge and be more integrated in the community.  

Teaching young girls to read 

The program depends on donations and funding from individuals and provides scholarships to orphans and vulnerable girls who cannot pay for their school fees. Many of the children have been orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has affected a large share of adults in Zambia.

How the program works 

Response Network identifies children with a need for sponsorship through contacts with schools and families. The sponsorship includes school fees for those not in Government schools, uniforms and other material needed for education. Each child may get a sponsorship for 1-7 years of education. The child will receive the education sponsorship for two years at a time. The program is run by a competent and educated staff. Response Network also holds continuous dialogue with the teachers and families and involves the Government (Social Welfare) in the selection process. 

Giving back to the community

The sponsored children give back to the community by cleaning the surroundings for the old people at Maramba Old People’s home.


What started in a tent donated by Academic Work has now become a fully-fledged permanent building which is called the Resource Center. In here, the children are able to study, do homework, borrow reference textbooks and also receive supplementary Information Technology (IT) lessons from a qualified teacher.

Become a donor 

The need for scholarships is very high. Many children are turned away every year and will not get a chance to complete secondary school. If you would like to become a donor, please contact us. 

How to apply for the scholarship 

Any single or double orphan including vulnerable girl and boy child in need of sponsorship can apply for a scholarship. 

  1. Visit your careers teacher at your school and prove to the school authorities that you really need the scholarship. The school authorities will give us the necessaryinformation about you and our staff and other people will then conduct interviews or verification exercises. This verification is done through home visits.
  2. The second method is simply to come to Response Network offices and tell us your story. From your story we will consider your application and if you qualify for sponsorship