Women´s Self Help Group for Save and Borrow

Since 2010, Response Network in partnership with Kinder Not Hilfe (KnH) is engaging communities in this empowerment program for poor and weak women.

When they come together as a homogenous entity, these individuals can achieve much more. Social solidarity, accountabil ity, participation, innovation and transparency are the embodiment of development through the Self Help Group (SHG) approach.

The women are saving some money within the group. Members are then, individually, able to borrow from the group to start an operation. An interest of the loan goes back to the group. Normally there are about 15-20 women in each group, and today there are about 50 groups. After 50 groups have been started a cluster is formed. Representatives from the clusters works as a support to new self-help group and, as contact persons to authorities to make a greater impact.