Self-help is the best way

As you can probably ascertain from our slogan, RN believes in empowering communities with knowledge in order for them to be able to create sustainable income generating activities.

In a bid to encourage communities to sustain the activities that they start up through our sensitization, it is important to give them all the necessary knowledge and tons of encouragement and motivation to show them that they are more than capable of starting and running clubs that not only help them earn a livelihood, but also clubs that aid the community and make it a better and cohesive environment for all to live.

Some of the self-help activities that the communities carry out include organic vegetable gardening, starting up of community schools, women’s clubs where they make various items ranging from brooms to clothes, animal rearing, beekeeping and many other activities.

As much as community members and clubs try to carry out their activities, circumstances beyond their control can deter their progress. Southern Province and Zambia at large have been experiencing unprecedented soaring temperatures and a drought that just would not quit. Though some rain has been received this year, it hasn’t been nearly enough to offset the effects of the drought. Smaller rivers, lakes and dams in the rural areas are quite dry and villagers have to dig in the river to get to the underground water. Gardens are also not thriving as they are supposed to because of this. However, people are nothing if not resilient and though times may get tough, they are managing to come up with some innovative ways to keep their heads above water, no pun intended.